Memorial Day Reminders

posted May 8, 2013, 12:10 PM by Michael Fritz   [ updated Aug 1, 2020, 12:16 PM ]
In 2013, I published this article on Yahoo voices about what I want to remember on Memorial Day. Yahoo discontinued the Yahoo Voices site. So, the link stopped working. Here is the article:

Memorial Day is the holiday that was established to remember and honor those who died while serving in the military. It seems ironic to remember those who died during the time of the year that is associated with new life. Consider this idea: We plant seeds to grow plants. So when a seed that died is planted a new plant grows, which is new life. So, in remembering those who died, we celebrate the new life that their deaths perpetuated.

Therefore, I will remember my grandfather, Wayne H. Smith who died in the battle of Aachen in the Second World War. He was an infantryman and was awarded the Bronze Star as well as a Purple Heart. I assume that many others died there also. So, because he died there, I never knew my grandfather. I also remember that many others, whom I never knew, died in many other wars to preserve the freedoms that we here in the United States and many other places enjoy. So, the new life that comes from such sacrifice is freedom.

I think that the irony was that World War One was called, "The War that will End War", or The War to end all wars", yet World War Two began twenty-one years later and several other wars have been fought after that one was finished. Men and women as well continue to die serving in this country's military. 

I think that it is equally important to remember the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for all mankind. He was not a soldier but was a servant. He died in the ultimate war that being the war to redeem all people from the wrath that we all bring upon ourselves because of our self-indulgence. Some who will read this essay will disagree that Memorial Day should be a day to remember Jesus and his crucifixion, but I consider that to be the greatest sacrifice of all times and in a war that is still being waged against humanity. He died to give us the ultimate freedom. His death was the sacrifice to ultimately end all war. So, I shall remember that always.