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We are made to Serve

posted Nov 15, 2011, 12:13 PM by Michael Fritz
An odd thing happened. I remembered reading a quotation about a man serving First God, then his Country, then his family, and finally other people; yet, I cannot recall the exact wording. I think that Marcus Tullius Cicero  wrote the quote. I have searched books and the Internet to find that quote but did not find it. So, I am going to write this, which might be what I once read, or it might be my synthesis of what I read.

We are all destined to serve; we are destined to serve First God, our Creator, then our Country, next our family, and then others. We are not destined to serve our selves. One who serves one's self is like the Dead Sea, a body of water that take in water yet never releases any of it. Nothing can live in a dead sea. Likewise, when a person is self-serving, that person's soul dies. The heart is hardened and depravity abounds.

Jesus Christ came into this world and served us all. His was the ultimate sacrifice. He laid his life down for us all. Obeying and serving Christ then is a reasonable response. None of us is greater than our Master. He came and served us all and commands that we do the same. Live well my brethren.