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posted Dec 6, 2011, 12:58 PM by Michael Fritz
Gideon Bratland is 20 days old, having been born after only a 25 week and 6 day gestation period. He is so small, so frail. He has been striving to survive. I empathize with the Bratland's. I pray that Gideon will not just survive but thrive. I wnet through some of my journals this past weekend and found a picture of me and my son, Alexander. I scanned it and sent it to him. He liked that. Then I finally found the notebook in which I has written an account of Alexander's birth. Wow! What an incredible day that was. I participated in bringing a new life into the world, but his mother, Bella, bore the largest burden, and the pain of it. I did what little I could. When Alex came forth from the womb, in a literal flood of amniotic fluid [a detail I had failed to record in my original account], I was amazed. I left the hospital in and was still amazed that we had just ushered a new life into the world. God had blessed us with a wonderful gift.

I see this tiny boy, striving to survive thinking that 10 years ago he most likely would not have lasted this long (at 23 weeks the survival rate 10 years ago was only about 10 percent; now at 23 weeks it is about 63 percent). Medical science has come a long way in a relatively short time. When a woman miscarries at 10 weeks; we mourn the death of the baby. Gideon is fighting for each breath. We all pray that he will survive and thrive. Doctors and technicians are doing all they can for the baby, Gideon.

I have lately been thinking about those who terminate pregnancies in the last trimester. The practice of PARTIAL BIRTH ABORTION is far too common in this country. A life is sacrificed because of one's RIGHT TO CHOOSE? THIS MOST CERTAINLY OUGHT NOT BE! There is no justification for such a HEINOUS CRIME AGAINST THE PRE-BORN! It grieve me deeply to think that our LAND OF THE FREE AND HOME OF THE BRAVE not only TOLERATES but CONDONES  THE SLAUGHTER OF BABIES TO FACILITATE FREEDOM OF CHOICE! IT IS HORRENDOUS! God forgive us all. Pray for Gideon, and pray that we [AS A SOCIETY] will stop murdering those who cannnot defend their RIGHTS TO BE BORN!