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Passover and Resurrection Sunday

posted Apr 5, 2015, 12:08 AM by Michael Fritz
This is Passover week. The Pesach, or Passover commemorates the event of the Passover when the angel of Death passed by the houses that had lamb's blood on the door frames. At the same time the Passover predicted Christ's sacrifice for us, which saved us because He Rose from the grave on the Sunday that was three days after the Passover began that year. The lamb was symbolic for The Lamb of God that destroys the sins of the world.
So, I try to avoid the use of Easter, which conveys the Pagan fertility fests. I instead use the term Resurrection Day, or Sunday to convey that Jesus is our risen Lord and lives, not just in our heart but lives with God. He WILL return. Jesus is our SOON COMING King! Therefore, We can rejoice!

I pray that everyone who reads this will believe it and seek Christ's power in their lives. I pray that Christ will empower us all to be His people. I pray that the Lord, Jesus Christ will richly bless us all--and we will bless HIm with our lives lived in his grace. Let all that has breath, Praise the Lord God Almighty now and forever!