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Bye, Bye Camera

posted May 31, 2012, 9:59 AM by Michael Fritz
Somebody stole my camera yesterday while I was at church during choir practice. Actually it was either before, or after when I was in the kitchen and left my jacket hanging on the back of the chair. I doubt any of the choir members took I have known them all for years, but someone else could have come in and took it. I did not realize that the camera was gone until I was driving home. I wanted to take a picture. I went back to the chapel to look for it. It was gone. I drove home hoping that I had forgotten to put it in my jacket pocket. No such luck. I looked every place that I would usually put it and even looked under the seats of my car. I hoped that it might have dropped out of my jacket pocket and wound up there. Nope, it was not there. It had disappeared. I am bummed out.

Well, that camera was about 8 or 9 years old. I am not sure. I do know that particular model has been discontinued and is no longer available. One can buy a camera with the capabilities that that camera has at Walmart for about $30 to $40 now. So, I am taking the attitude that whoever took that camera must need it more than I do. I cannot get it back. I hope that they enjoy the pictures that I had on it. I am happy that the SD card in it was only a 256MB (I did not lise my higher capacity cards. Yeah, there are thieves in this world and one never knows when they will emerge and steal whatever they can. I saw a man the other day that had a sign that read: "I would rather be a bum than a thief." I gave him a buck, which I seldom do. I guess that I prefer bums over thieves.