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Affluence and Night Skies

posted Jul 8, 2011, 9:51 PM by Michael Fritz
Yesterday, I had lunch with my friend, Russ. While we were at the Governor's Cup Coffee Shop in Downtown Salem a man whose name is Nate came in, and Russ asked Nate to join us. We all chatted. Nate showed us some picture of people in the Philippines. As I viewed the pictures, I was reminded of my journey to Mexico and Guatemala in 2007. I remember the poverty of the people there. Nate related that the people in the Philippines were very poor. Yet in both places the Christians praised and worshiped Christ and were grateful for what little they had. In the United States we have so much and tend to lack the gratitude that those in the, so-called Third World displayed.

I related to Russ and Nate that it is much like a night sky. In the cities and towns where there is artificial (man-made) light, only a few stars are visible in the sky. Conversely, in the remote places, such as the Arizona desert, or the mountains, when one looks up at the night sky a multitude of stars are visible. I think that possession are like the man-made light, which obscure our vision. We lose our ability to express gratitude for God's gracious provision to us. So, perhaps we can make a little time to give thanks to God for all that He has done. Then we can shine like the stars in the night sky.