Welcome to The In-Couraging Word Website. I chose the name In-Couraging Word to depict that The Bible [God's Word to us] empowers Christians to live for God in this world. The Word of God infuses courage into the believer. The more we delve into the Word, the stronger our faith will become. The Bible is all about having a relationship with Jesus Christ. So, the purpose of this site to present Christ-centered content and God's Word [the Bible].  Because I think that God's Word should help us in our struggles, I also intend to offer my insights in light of current events. So, In-Couraging Word is about helping us all to glorify God.
 I often make changes to this site. If you have ideas about how I can improve this site, use the comment form on the visitor feedback page to send comments to me via email. I intend this to be a respite from all of the clamor, glitz, and glamor that seems to permeate the Internet. So, there will be changes to this site. Enjoy your visit here. God bless you always. Let us also try to bless one another as we are blessed to bless. Live Well.

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